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Chamber Hands Out Annual Awards

Photos by Neil Farrell

The Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce and the 50th Anniversary Committee co-hosted the Annual Chamber Installation Dinner Jan. 23. The Annual Chamber Awards for — Citizen of the Year, Business of the Year and Living Treasure were handed out. The new members of the Chamber board were introduced and the returning and departing board members were also honored. As well there was a power point show of photos recapping the 50th Anniversary Committee’s numerous public events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Morro Bay’s incorporation as a city.

Chmbr new brd mmbrsChamber president, Jennifer Redman (left), introduced the new board members, from left: John Elliott, Walter Heath and Travis Ford.


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Come join the fun and see the excitement at SLOHS!

This Friday, January 30th starting at 9:15AM

imageCONTACT: Colleen Martin: (805) 234-5913 cmartin@slcusd.org
EVENT DATE & TIME: Friday, January 3oth 9:15 AM– 10:40 AM
LOCATION: San Luis High School, 1499 San Luis Drive, SLO, CA 93401

· 65 presenters of community vocations, Cuesta and Cal Poly Departments, Public Safety gather for an indoor and outdoor venue for over 500 students to explore career opportunities. Continue reading Come join the fun and see the excitement at SLOHS!


Cuesta Hires Measure L Consultants; Needs Committee Members

By Neil Farrell
CuestaCollegeThe Cuesta College Board of Trustees recently approved multiple management contracts to begin working on its long list of improvement projects.
The district trustees approved multiple agreements with an architectural firm and a construction management firm to get started on major projects at both the North County Campus in Paso Robles and the SLO Campus on Hwy. 1. Continue reading Cuesta Hires Measure L Consultants; Needs Committee Members


Protected Species or Destructive Hazard

When does a protected species become a nuisance or even a destructive hazard?
Sea lion on boat-1Almost ready to cast off the mooring and go to the dock for a race on Sunday, when this guy delayed my plan.
I heard, and felt, a commotion on deck, looked out the port light to see a black mass. I thought my cushions, which are stored in a black plastic bag had been blown by a strong gust nearly overboard. They are my good cushions, so I hurried up to retrieve them. And this adult male sea lion was on the deck!!! Continue reading Protected Species or Destructive Hazard


Parklets, Water & Sewer Hikes, Oh My!

The View From Harbor Street
By David Buckingham
David BuckinghamHey, Morro Bay! How about a view from Harbor Street? Nope, it is not “THE view” of Morro Bay — since we all have a different view — but this is “one view” coming to you direct from City Hall.
What is this all about? Well, along with solid local reporting and great information about what is going on in our community, each print edition of The Bay News will feature “The View From Harbor Street,” one view of what is happening around town — from your City Government. And we thank The Bay News for this opportunity for direct communication. Continue reading Parklets, Water & Sewer Hikes, Oh My!


Illuminate Spa & Boutique

At Illuminate Spa & Boutique, the goal is to experience radiant health, energy, and beauty from the inside — out. This Eco-certified spa is located at 257 South Ocean Avenue in Cayucos, and opened in July of 2014. Although fairly new, the owner, Naomi Wilkinson, has been locally and internationally trained — and has been in the community for 13 years.
Illuminate proudly offers Eminence Organic Skin Care, Eco-certified airbrush tanning, organic waxing, full body detoxifying steam sessions, massage and body treatments, and eyelash extensions. They provide organic beauty, therapeutic bodywork, and a boutique created to illuminate you. Continue reading Illuminate Spa & Boutique


Pain Reduction Techniques for Improved Sleep

By Dr. David R. Street, DC

Dr. StreetIt is no secret that getting proper sleep is important to our health and well-being.  Getting the right amount of sleep improves brain function, positively affects mood and performance, increases the body’s ability to heal itself, improves immune system function and the list goes on.
Chronic pain is the type of pain that has been most frequently associated with sleep disturbances and disorders.  Back pain, neck pain, and headaches make up a large portion of what is considered chronic pain.  These types of pain are best managed with help from your healthcare professional, but here are some things you can do at home to reduce your pain and get a better nights rest! Continue reading Pain Reduction Techniques for Improved Sleep


How to Shed Fat Without Willpower

By Leslie Kasanoff DC

Dr. Leslie KIt’s a new year and once again perhaps you’ve started it determined to rid yourself of your spare tire. Whether or not you’re successful depends to a large degree on your method, NOT your willpower.
Here’s the typical scenario: You’ve started your diet, maybe it’s even called a ‘detox’ and you’ve eliminated everything except lean protein, vegetables & a small amount of fruit. Maybe you’ve added some supplements designed to give you a little additional boost. Maybe they even have some whole food (fruit & vegetable powders) in them. Typically people do great with this program for a while but in the long run, the caloric restriction wreaks havoc both on ‘willpower’ and on your metabolism. Eventually, one of two things happens, either you go off the diet due to the restrictions you can’t maintain long term or you ‘complete’ the program. Either way, sooner or later, you add back some calories and some foods and you gain back some portion or perhaps all of the weight (maybe even more). This happens, NOT because you’ve failed again (and what you make that mean about you as a person), but because you’ve been so successful, you’ve put your body into starvation mode. It has now decreased your metabolic rate so much that you’re gaining weight on a 1,000 calorie diet! Continue reading How to Shed Fat Without Willpower


Super Bowl Exercise Challenge

By Michele S. Jang, PT

michele jangIt is estimated that over 115 million people will watch the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks go at it during Super Bowl Sunday on February 1st. A number of you will find yourself sitting in front of the tube possibly with hot wings, beer and soda, chips, burgers, sweets. The football players will be busting their butts while we sit on ours.  How about channeling some of that adrenaline into a fun exercise challenge with your buddies?
All of the following exercises should be repeatedly performed for 30 seconds for an easier challenge and up to 60 seconds for a more difficult challenge.
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Healthy Perspective Professionals Respond

Question-Mark-Photoexpress-e13073314187301We asked a variety of people in the health profession to answer the question, “What healthy resolution should be on everyone’s list?” The idea is to get diverse perspectives from medical professionals who might have different approaches to what is best for a particular topic, in this case, healthy resolutions. Continue reading Healthy Perspective Professionals Respond