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Historical Society of Morro Bay opens new office

The Historical Society of Morro Bay’s new office is up and running, with a call going out for more volunteers to staff it. The office is inside the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor’s Center building, 695 Harbor St., Ste. F.

Right now the office is staffed Wednesdays, 3-5 p.m.; Thursdays, 1-3; Fridays, 1-5; and Saturdays, 1-5. No experience is necessary. The only tasks are to chat with visitors and members who drop by, hand out brochures and answer questions (or take notes if you don’t know the answer).

If interested call Roger Castle at (805) 399-2772. See the website at: historicalmorrobay.org for photos and information. Also, the Historical Society is seeking historical photos to be submitted for

The Tribune’s upcoming second volume of San Luis Obispo County historical pictures covering the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. The Historical Society says its collection for the 60s is rather thin and encourages photos of that era be submitted. Landscapes, event photos and even family snapshots are sought. The Historical Society’s email is: morrobayhistorical@gmail.com.

The publisher is holding a public scanning event to take copies of your pictures from 1-4 p.m.Sunday, June 26 at the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum, 2010 Riverside Dr.

SLO’s Jack House Opens After Dark

By Camas Frank ~

20160603_181630Downtown San Luis Obispo’s historic ‘Jack House’ opened to the public, free of charge June 3 as part of the popular citywide ‘Art After Dark.’

With current museum hours for their latest exhibition held Sundays from 1–4 p.m with a $5 entry charge, the Art After Dark tour was a unique opportunity for locals to wander on in and see some of the restoration work that’s been completed since the City acquired the property in the 1970’s.

The latest exhibition, “Art We Eat On” brought in approximately 200 unique pieces ranging from 1630 to the modern day.

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