Why Unicorn Merchandise Is So Popular With Consumers

The Unicorn is a much-beloved subject and star of many an ancient fable and modern fairy tale. It is a mythical beast that has accompanied many children (and adults) on an exploration of the fairytale world of the imagination. The mythical unicorn has a varied reputation. A fierce beast defending honor – or a gentle companion and representative of purity and grace. Today, the unicorn has been transformed into something a little different. It is now part of modern mythology and consumer buying trends. Images of unicorns dominate Instagram (at last count there were over 7.5 million of the social media site – more than mermaids). However, unicorns have appeared on coats of arms ever since around the 16th century. They were regarded as beasts that would only bow to men of virtue.

However, the popularity of the unicorn motif is no more widely apparent than in the incredible diversity of unicorn merchandise that is today available. Unicorns appear on a huge variety of goods. They appear on plush toys and backpacks, school supplies, clothing, inflatable pool toys, and coffee mugs. There is not a single type of modern merchandise that has not had a manufacturer apply a unicorn theme to it. Even the global coffee giant Starbucks brought out the Unicorn Frappuccino in April 20187. The limited-edition beverage became one of the most successful products in the history of the chain.

The stern visage and appearance of the unicorn’s that appeared in the 16th century on coats of arms (and earlier in illuminated manuscripts) has largely been replaced by a more approachable, softer and more glitter-adorned version. this has undoubtedly contributed to the increased popularity of merchandise with Millenials and the younger generation.

But it is not only the popularity of the unicorn motif that is fueling its rise as a merchandising phenomenon. Most characters that are popular with children require the payment of vast licensing fees in order to merchandisers to take advantage of their popularity and high profile. think Dora the Explorer, and any of the Disney or Marvel characters. Those licensing fees can simply be beyond the reach of small and medium-sized marketing and merchandising concerns. Not so the unicorn. Aside from properties owned by large studios, the generic unicorn attracts no fees – it is not protected by intellectual property rights. It is simply too attractive a motif to be ignored by merchandisers.

Although the greatest consumers of unicorn themed merchandise are with doubt the female aged under 18 demographic the appeal does reach further than that. There are many consumers in the 20+ demographic who are avid consumers of this sort of merchandise. The unicorn has also found a niche as an emblem of the LGBT movement (they seem to be associated with the well-known rainbow emblem of the movement).

The popularity of unicorns on merchandise of many different types does not seem to be a flash in the pan. the icon has become entrenched in modern-day mythos and consumer imagination – it is going to be around for many years.

Where To Buy Unicorn Merchandise

Unicorns aren’t just popular with kids! They’re a favorite of people of all ages. While you can find unicorn merchandise at many brick and mortar stores, you may find that these shops don’t offer the kind of selection you’re looking for. Thankfully, you have other options as well. Consider these tips if you’re shopping for unicorn clothing, mugs, and more.

Shop Online

Even though local stores might not have the kinds of unicorn items you want, you’ll have a huge selection to choose from if you shop online. In fact, there are entire stores that sell unicorn paraphernalia. You’ll be able to buy anything you’re looking for, whether it’s socks, coasters, or a basic t-shirt.

You’ll easily be able to shop for the items that you want, even if your schedule is packed. Shopping online can take away a lot of the frustrations associated with shopping. You’ll have a great time searching for the best items to buy.

Look For Deals

One of the advantages of online shopping is that it’s much easier to find bargains. A lot of the stores you’ll look at will already have very low prices. However, you may be able to find discount codes that will make your purchase price even lower.

When you’re spending less, you’ll be able to afford to buy even more. If there’s an item that you want, but it’s out of your budget, don’t cross it off of your wish list just yet. Instead, look for ways to bring the purchase price down.

Read Product Descriptions

When you’re ordering items online, you can’t just look at a picture of the item you’re buying. You’ll also need to read about the item so that you can be sure it meets your expectations. For example, if you’re ordering unicorn clothing, it’s a good idea to check the size chart so that you can be sure you’re ordering it in the right size.

Since you won’t be able to examine the item until it arrives, you should be sure that you know what you’re buying. This is especially important if you’re buying items from a store that doesn’t offer free returns.

Take A Chance

If you love unicorns, or if you’re buying a gift for someone that’s a big fan of unicorns, then you shouldn’t be afraid to buy an item that’s a little bit out there. There’s nothing wrong with buying a sweatshirt that sparkles or a toy that makes noise.

Since you’ll be getting a great deal on the merchandise that you’re buying, there’s nothing wrong with buying items that are a little bit unconventional. Try to buy products that capture the spirit of the unique and unconventional unicorn.

Take the time to find the unicorn merchandise you want at the right price. You should try to purchase quality merchandise that looks adorable, but you should also make sure you get what you want at an affordable rate. Stick to these tips, and you’ll be thrilled with the items that you bu