Reasons Behind Adults Loving Unicorns

For centuries now, people belonging to all age groups have been obsessed with this mythical creature, namely unicorns. People have not just been loving unicorns but there is also a group of people, who have always been looking for ways to find and capture unicorns. The major reason behind people wanting to capture unicorns was that unicorns are said to possess effective healing powers. All the healing power of the unicorns was mostly stored in the powdered horn or simple unicorn horns. Keeping the current scenario in mind, unicorns are still given the status of a big source of business for people. A great example of this is that the market is home to multiple unicorn books, cartoons, appearing on the net, food packaging, artwork, and kids’ accessories. This article will lay-out some of the most authentic reasons why adults love and regard unicorns. Apart from just children.

Isolated cute watercolor unicorn clipart. Nursery unicorns illustration. Princess rainbow poster. Trendy pink cartoon pony horse.


Adults find unicorns very appealing since this magical mythical creature helps adults to recognize and regard their own true selves. Every person wants to be recognized for who they are and what they are, further being loved that way. This is very true in adults.


Be it secretly, everyone wants to believe that magic does exist in this world and in our lives. People do not want to hesitate in believing that the world is under the governance of mysterious forces and is being operated by them. Further, they want to believe that these very mysterious forces can come under the control of human beings. Unicorns come as a symbol of these amazing and fascinating magical forces and so people feel drawn towards them.

Symbol of purity:

Unicorns are one of the most renowned symbols of purity, they represent purity in the most beautiful manner. They do not only represent purity but other important elements such as childhood and innocence as well. This is another reason why adults find unicorns amazing.

Unicorn references in the Bible:

Adults tend to believe in things that are supported by authentic sources, and the presence of unicorn references in the Bible is a major reason why adults like unicorns and want to believe in them. The total number of references related to a unicorn in the Bible are around 9. Many people argue that the reference is present for symbolizing Christ.

Better versions of horses:

One of the most common descriptions which are used for unicorns is a white horse with a horn coming right out of its forehead. The only difference is that horses do not possess any magical powers whereas, on the other hand, unicorns do. People call unicorns as a cool horse that has magical powers, which play a major role in the process of healing.

Beautiful and airy:

Unicorns are said to be very beautiful as well as airy. They are often regarded as a mystical creature which is extremely beautiful, so much that it does not seem to be a part of this world at all. Adults and kids both like to know about mysterious things, unicorns are a great example.

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