Unicorn house decor ideas

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that every person does not mind a little bit of magic in their respective lives. The reason behind this is that if that is not the case that life would be very basic, mundane and boring. Talking in the most literal sense, unicorns are hands down a fantastic mythical creature. The depictions which are made use of most of the time about unicorns are colorful, bright, beautiful, cute. Unicorns receive an immense amount of love from kids from different corners of the world. Not just kids, but adults are also included in the list of those who love unicorns. This article will take its step into the magical world of unicorn-themed home décor. It will include a couple of DIY projects and other inspiring elements along the way.

Unicorn House gifts

First and foremost, one of the must-try décor elements is a unicorn themed wreath. Wreaths carry the status of being amongst the most liked DIY projects by not just kids but adults as well. This wreath can be made with the help of using a pastel ribbon as well as a foam wreath. To finish the look of the wreath, a cute unicorn horn can be attached to the very middle of its forehead. Moving on, people have the option of crafting out a cute unicorn balloon. This idea is not just helpful for home décor, but it also plays a key role in adding a much more unicorn style element to a unicorn themed party. To make this project, a white latex balloon is required, further, it is inflated with the help of a helium tank. Further, if you wish to decorate the balloon even more by adding unicorn-themed elements to it, then a cute golden sparkly horse will do the job.

The ultimate unicorn home

Further, there is another idea that includes a unicorn photo frame. This photo frame can be kept anywhere around the house by keeping family pictures in it or of the person himself/herself. For you to make this photo frame, you will be needing two paper plates, knife, scissors, glitter sheet for cutting out horns and glue. Forgiving the photo frame an even more unicorn touch, you can add a unicorn picture outside on the photo frame, in addition to a small glittery horn right in the center. The picture of the unicorn can either be a cut-out or one can draw it on their own.

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