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About San Luis Obispo County
The county of San Luis Obispo is an amazing area, and most of us realize just how lucky we are to be living here. We know that we live in a special place, and we don't take for granted all that we have around us to enjoy. We appreciate the natural beauty of the hills and ocean, our lively business areas, the wineries and agriculture. And while these are the obvious things that any visitor can appreciate, what really makes San Luis Obispo County stand out is a powerful sense of community. This is an area full of people who love to participate in events, support our schools and nonprofit organizations, and support each other in business. We work with, play with, and help each other in ways that aren't often found in other communities. This is why many of us came here, and why most of us want to stay.

The SLO City News, the Coast News and the Bay News are delivered at no charge, successfully reaching SLO County residents in homes, online and from over 500 distribution sites in our communities.

Readership Demographics: Target an active, educated and loyal audience.
The residents of SLO County tend to be well educated, have an above-average income and be interested in activities, politics and the arts. We are busy with businesses, families and organizations, and there is no more effective or efficient time to reach SLO County residents than when they pause from their busy schedules to read their community newspaper.

The SLO City News
Serving the city of San Luis Obispo
Population: 44,225
Number of Families: 7,700
Median Family Income: $66,000
20-24: 25%
25-54: 44%
55+: 18%:

The Coast News
Serving the 5 Cities Area: Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Grover Beach, Oceano and Nipomo
Population: 44,500
Number of Families: 8,500
Median Family Income: $53.000
20-24: 30%
25-54: 24%
55+: 16%:

The Bay News
Serving Morro Bay, Los Osos and Cayucos
Population: 26,635
Number of Families: 3,000
Median Family Income: $50,000
20-24: 22%
25-54: 36%
55+: 20%:

*Information from the 2005 US Census, plus updated demographics as available from each city government


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